Instagram Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

4.2 billion ‘likes’ per day! More than one thousand comments per second!

Undeniably, Instagram is known for its massive engagement rates.

It is an incredible social media platform that helps you to reach your prospective customers, and allows you to promote your business in innovative and more engaging way.

Ever since it came into existence in 2010, this remarkable social media platform has given businesses enormous opportunities to engage with their targeted audience, and tell their brand’s story by leveraging the power of visuals.

Today, everyone including business owners, marketers, celebrities, YouTubers, and of course the general public is tapping into this amazing platform! In fact, Instagram has today, become one of the most popular and preferred social media networking sites across the world.

With over 1 billion user mark, Instagram has become a critical social media marketing channel for businesses to consider. Some businesses are already nailing Instagram marketing and getting astonishing results, while some are still struggling and scratching their heads pondering why it’s not working for them!

Are you one of them who’s not getting desired Instagram marketing results?

Well, you may be making some mistakes that are stopping you from getting real results!

Following are some rookie mistakes that you should avoid, to make your Insta-game strong:

Private Instagram Account

Private Instagram Account

If you think that setting your Instagram account to private is good, then you are wrong!

After all, adding a barrier to your fans who want to engage with your brand seem like a strange move.

Having a private Instagram account means that only your followers can see your posts, and engage with your content. In fact, there is no benefit of using popular hashtags in your posts as they will still be hidden from searches. If you have a private Instagram account, people have no reason to follow you! Even if someone wants to follow you, they will be required to submit a follow request to see your content. Won’t it be annoying?

Over 1 billion people are on Instagram. They browse every time to find new and interesting content with the help of hashtags.

You simply cannot market and hide yourself at the same time!

So, think about it…

Frankly, if your account is private, no one can find you! Therefore, if you want good results then you should switch to the business account.

Non-Optimized Bio Section

Non-Optimized Bio Section

Instagram bio is the first thing that a user notices while visiting your handle. An incomplete bio or non-optimized bio is a missed opportunity at connecting with your audience.

Bio explains your business in just a couple of sentences. Seeing bio, your profile visitors make assumptions and judgments about your business and offerings. This makes it crucial to write a powerful bio on your Instagram profile. However, don’t make it too long and boring. Keep in mind that people may not be interested in reading a ‘biography’ of your organization.

Thus, play around with the bio that entices your audience, and helps you gain more followers. Short, concise, and relevant bios are the best!

There is one more thing that makes the bio section more valuable – ‘Link.’

Instagram doesn’t allow hyperlinks in the post. But, there is a section where users can click on a URL and that’s your bio. So, if you haven’t added a link in your bio section then you are missing out on a golden opportunity to drive prospective customers to your site.

If you optimize your bio section wisely then you may get millions of eyes on your website!

Incorrect Hashtags in the Posts

Incorrect Hashtags in the Posts

Hashtags play a major role in Instagram marketing. They help you make your content discoverable all over Instagram. However, many people don’t understand the real power of hashtags and use them incorrectly – either they ignore them completely or stuff their posts with random ones.

Always remember that generic hashtags like #nature usually won’t get you the exposure that you are looking for, on Instagram. When it comes to using hashtags on Instagram for your business, it’s imperative to have a clear strategy.

Instagram allows you to add 30 hashtags in a post. But, this doesn’t mean that you stuff your post with irrelevant hashtags! Believe it or not, using too many random hashtags in your post, make it look spammy!

Don’t be a brand, that cries for attention!

However, don’t avoid the popular hashtags completely. If you find a popular hashtag that is relevant to your post, then there is no harm in using it. Certainly, hashtags are effective but only if you use them wisely.

No Clear Strategy

No Clear Strategy

Instagram is a huge social media platform that you can use for marketing your business, but before that, make sure you have clear business goals for being on Instagram.

Undoubtedly, Instagram is a powerful platform for social media marketing, that provides astonishing results for your business.

But, you can’t just post content on your handle, sit back and wait for the magic!

In order to reap the desired results, you will be required to create an effective and measurable Instagram marketing strategy. The process of creating an Instagram marketing strategy involves several things like setting up business goals, determining the target audience, outlining a clear content strategy, and more.

Instagram is an incredibly effective social media platform with a massive user base and high engagement rates. You can’t achieve success without a result-driven marketing strategy.

So, it’s imperative to create a powerful Instagram marketing strategy before you join the bandwagon.

Also, don’t just rely on a particular marketing strategy. Follow the trends and improve your Instagram strategy timely.

On Final Lines…

People love visuals.

And, this is one of the core reasons behind the popularity of Instagram. This popular social media marketing platform has become a need for businesses, but can drive real results only if used correctly.

Always keep in mind that the technology keeps on changing. The techniques that work well today, may not be as effective tomorrow. Follow the trends and upgrade your marketing tactics.

Want to improve your Insta-game?

Take Instagram marketing seriously and avoid following myths and mistakes!