Join Our Gang!

We are a clan of technology-lovers with minds that binge on innovation, creativity and a passion to perform! We believe that no matter how diverse our thoughts and methods may be, we have a single goal to achieve together.

Be the Best!

It takes some salt, some pepper and some carom for the right seasoning!

Some of us are nerds – always digging the screens,
While some are geeks – you bet, you can’t win over!
A few are hunky dory and really go well with everything

But when we join hands, our jigsaw blocks fit in really well, for an outstanding picture!

Why Join Us?

Flexible Environment

We don’t confine the capabilities within 9 to 6 frame and offer enough flexibility and space for the best output.

Fun @Work

We believe that fun is the food for brain and so we feed our brains with a slot of fun activities that charge them up!


Happiness doubles when shared on special days like birthdays, anniversaries, first salary or even at the sight of stork in families.

Team-Building Events

Team is what builds our identity and so we engage in team-building activities like fun outings, movies, dining out and lot more.

Growth Support

We value efforts and capabilities and provide the best support for those who are willing to grow.

Extraordinary Team Mates

We bring on-board extremely driven and positive talents to create an efficacious environment in the team.

Five Days Work Week

To strike a perfect balance between work and relaxation, we work five days a week.

Available Jobs

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