E-commerce Automation – Take Your E-Store to the Next Level

This is an era of e-commerce!

E-commerce has completely transformed the business scenario. If you are in a retail business and not selling online, then you are losing ground to your competitors. Having an attractive, well-designed e-commerce website helps you take your business to astonishing heights.

According to a recent survey report by experts, 89 percent of Indian consumers like to shop online.

So, if you haven’t turned to an e-commerce store yet, then it’s time to take your retail business online. An e-store allows a business to expand its customer base and boost sales. Many retail businesses are turning towards e-commerce to grow.

It’s bliss to see an e-commerce business grow at a phenomenal rate.

When you have lots of customers, more profit, and higher returns rolling in, every day is more exhilarating than the last.

Well, automation is imperative for growing your e-commerce business.

E-commerce automation streamlines your business processes and helps you achieve your organizational goals. Today, many e-commerce businesses are turning to automation to simplify their work processes and improve their work efficiency.

What does e-commerce automation mean?

An online store is open 24/7, which means that orders can be made any time. Certainly, no human being can entertain customers all the time. Thus, it’s imperative to move towards e-commerce automation!

In simple terms, e-commerce automation means putting repetitive business processes in auto-pilot mode. It is a smart way to automate certain parts of your business’s operations that helps you keep your business thriving. Using e-commerce automation saves your time and helps you increase productivity and boost sales.

Today, many e-commerce sellers rely on manual data entry to process their online orders. Manual entry is time-consuming and can lead to several errors. It’s quite easy to mistype an order number, address, or SKU. Some e-commerce businesses spend many hours managing inventory and order data. That’s why many e-commerce businesses turn to automation. E-commerce automation saves a lot of time and helps you take your business to the next level.

Automation keeps your e-commerce processes on track!

Let’s get into some of the top ways that help you automate your e-commerce business.

Setup Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing plays a crucial role in e-commerce business operations. In fact, email marketing in e-commerce is a great way to announce the hottest discount deals, share important information, increase website traffic, increase user engagement, improve customer loyalty and boost sales. Incorporating e-mail marketing in e-commerce helps you maximize your sales.

Welcome emails, post-delivery emails, emails regarding shipping information, post-purchase emails, etc., are compulsory for running an e-commerce business. Apart from this, there are many ways to incorporate email marketing in your e-commerce business and flourish in the e-commerce industry.

Every customer on your e-commerce store is on a different journey, right?

You can determine different stages of your customers and send an email at the touchpoints. There are many e-commerce marketing automation tools out there. You can use them to determine those moments that you can use to push your customers towards the completion of their buying journey.

For example, if any of your customers adds something to the cart and does not complete the checkout process, then you can remind your customer to complete the buying journey and make another purchase.

Using email marketing in your e-commerce business processes helps you increase your customer base, boost sales, trigger more repeated purchases and decrease cart abandonment rate.

Use Chatbots for Customer Service

Proving good customer service is essential for every e-commerce store. No matter how appealing and well-designed your e-commerce store is, you will always have customers having queries regarding the refund and exchange process. Certainly, it’s not possible to be active round-the-clock to provide support. But, you can use chatbots to give support to your customers 24*7.

Setting up a Chabot for e-commerce is an excellent way to connect with your potential customers. By deploying a chatbot in your online store, you can offer real-time assistance to your customers. This is an era of artificial intelligence or AI. You can integrate a good AI chatbot into your e-commerce website. An advanced AI chatbot learns from the past conversation and implements the same in future conversations. Integrating such AI-based chatbots in your website helps you provide quick solution and support to your customers.

Automate Reviews

Add links to your social media Stories

With thousands of online stores, millions of certified products, the entire world is flocking with e-stores. In this highly competitive world, there is only one thing that can make a big difference to your business, and that is your “reviews section”.

Online reviews are crucial for the growth of any e-commerce business online. A review is social proof that adds value to the reputation of your business.

In this highly tech-savvy world, the majority of users go through the product’s reviews before making any buying decision. Thus, it’s extremely important to gather feedback or review from your consumers. You can ask for feedback or reviews from your customers after product delivery.

However, manual collection of reviews can be an exhausting and time-consuming task. Luckily, you can automate this process as well. Setting up app prompts, push notifications can help you gather real reviews for your products from your customers. In fact, you can try sentiment analysis tools that will inspect product reviews to determine the customer’s sentiments towards your products. This will help you to improve your products, and deliver a positive customer experience.


There is nothing worse than losing your customers to your competitors. One single glitch can turn a customer off your e-commerce store forever. Performing redundant tasks manually can hit your e-commerce operations really hard!

With the help of e-commerce automation, you can easily get rid of such problems and streamline the repetitive tasks of your business which will lead to more sales. E-commerce automation helps you keep your business ahead of your competitors.

If you want significant improvement in the growth of your e-commerce business, then you should turn towards e-commerce automation.