Animation in Digital Marketing: A Trend That You Shouldn’t Miss

In the past decade, digital marketing has changed the way businesses market their products and services!

Gone are the days when billboards, print, direct mail, radio, and television dominated the marketing world. Things have changed now! Today, the best way to reach your targeted audience is through the internet. Digital marketing or internet marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your business. Clearly, it is an incredible way to increase website traffic, improve engagement rate, and boost conversions. Therefore, many businesses are tapping into professional digital marketing services.

Indubitably, the digital marketing industry is constantly changing. The techniques that were used to drive results for your business yesterday may not work today. Thus, new techniques are always there to shift the digital marketing world. Well, the best part is that it’s quite affordable to try many latest digital marketing techniques.

Today, everyone wants to get their business on the top of the digital market. In order to accomplish their business goals, they try every single marketing technique. From creating an attractive website to posting high-end pictures on social media, people do everything to reap desired results from digital marketing.

Well, digital marketing is getting tricky overtime – every new day brings a new trend, and a new strategy. Therefore, you have to be updated with the latest digital marketing trends, because if don’t update yourself, you will be losing the ground to you competitors.

Popularity of Video Marketing

Popularity of Video Marketing

Videos have become extremely engaging these days.

Wondering, why?

Because videos are easy-to-digest and entertaining. Videos give users a better understanding of the key message than text.

According to a recent survey, users retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% while reading it in text.

It’s no secret that video marketing is a creative way to interact with the targeted audience in the digital space. Actually, it affects feelings, emotions, thoughts, and changes the audience’s attitude towards brands and their offerings. The growing popularity of videos makes video marketing more important than ever. Well, any type of video will not be going to work in this highly competitive business world. In order to achieve the desired results in video marketing, you need to be creative enough. After all, no one would like to listen to a boring 10 minute long monologue.

Want to spice up your video marketing game?

Then it’s time to shift towards crazy animated explainer videos! Animated explainer video means information, creativity, and entertainment – altogether.

The Power of Animation in Digital Marketing

The Power of Animation in Digital Marketing

The animation is one of the latest digital marketing trends. Certainly, it’s not a new marketing technique but is going to be the next big thing soon! Do you think the animation industry is limited to motion graphics only?

If you do, then you are wrong!

Animation includes techniques like cut out animation, puppet animation, stop motion animation, 3D animation, Claymation, and more.

Incorporating animated videos in your marketing strategy allows you to promote your offerings in a unique and creative way. Animated video marketing is an incredible way to create curiosity. They help you attract the audience, and influence them to become your loyal customers.

Let’s dive straight into some benefits of animated explainer videos:

Brings Your Business Out of the Competition

Brings Your Business Out of the Competition

The digital business space is extremely competitive. Animation is an incredible thing that can make a big difference to your business. Incorporating animated videos in your digital marketing strategy can help you stand out from your competitors.

You can use animated videos to manifest your brand uniqueness, improve your company’s style, and strengthen your customer base. Certainly, animation adds value to your business. The eye-catching animated explainer videos help you boost brand awareness, increase website traffic, and improve the conversion rate of your business. Animated videos make your business unique and appealing. Thus, if you want to stay ahead of your competitors, then it’s time to unlock the potential of animated explainer videos.

Transfers Emotions & Engages Your Targeted Audience

Transfers Emotions & Engages Your Targeted Audience

Most of the kids love watching cartoons more than reading comics or spending time on drawing boards! Agree?

Have you ever thought, why?

Well, the answer is quite simple, kids find cartoons to be more entertaining. In fact, they perceive the information much better from a cartoon than anything else.

The same thing is applicable in the digital era. Here, people follow creativity. Today, people prefer watching videos to grab knowledge than reading long texts. So, it’s high time to invest in animated video production services.

Animated videos help businesses grab the viewer’s attention and boost customer engagement rate. Today, simple introductory videos will not give the desired business results; it’s time to be creative! Create videos that are visually sharp, attractive, and well-saturated with information that your audience is looking for. Always remember that an animated video has the potential to influence your audience. Incorporating animation in your digital marketing strategy helps you create a unique and memorable business identity across the web.

Helps Your Website Rank High in SERPs

Helps Your Website Rank High in SERPs

The user’s attention span is one of the major search engine ranking factors, and a major concern for many business owners today. In this highly tech-savvy world, it is very difficult to draw the user’s attention and influence them to stay on a webpage for longer.

Well, an animated explainer can help you keep your visitors on a webpage for longer duration. This helps you get your site ranked on the top of search engine results, and gradually increases sales. The best part is that customers and Google give more value to video content. In fact, according to a survey report, a website is 53x more likely to reach the front page of Google SERPs if it includes video.

Isn’t this a big reason to invest in animated explainer videos for your business?

Think about it…

In The End…

We all live in an era of unparalleled creativity. If you want to shine in digital landscape, then you will be required to market your business in a creative way!

An animated video is an astonishing tool for marketing storytelling, entertainment and customer engagement. It helps you convey your key message to your audience and shape a positive brand image. Animated explainer videos help your business prosper.

Are you ready to prosper your business?

Hire a professional animated explainer video production company for your business!