Marketing has mostly been about taking bets. We do a quick assessment and move across the chessboard – not without a definite worry that the next move will knock us out of the battle. Structured market research has been the unsaid holy-grail of marketing for years- a need which has become even more prominent. In today’s digital era, we don’t know how multiple digital advantages (like data, computing, analytics) could be deployed by competition to out-manoeuvre all our assumptions.

This is where it becomes imperative to take a scientific approach and turn marketing bets into opportunities. We at Agdova know when your customer segments are latching on to a fad or essentially undergoing a transformation, why they are bouncing from your site in less than 10 seconds while spending half hour scanning competitor’s product pages. With our research, we would like you to proclaim ‘Checkmate’ more as a norm than just a chance outcome.

We excel in the following Market Assessment Services :
  • Marketing Research: It is crucial for firms to scan the market and execute effective research to establish market trends, customer traits and product potential. Agdova will support with services including primary and secondary research, market trend analysis, product potential, etc
  • Competitive Analysis: Once macro and micro environment elements have been scanned companies need to execute competitive research specific to their products and offerings. We will support you with accurate competitor analysis, market sizing and competitive levers for success
  • Customer Segmentation (Persona Creation): Developing key buyer segments/personas helps firms identify and gain in-depth knowledge of their potential customers. We are experts at persona creation which includes both qualitative and competitive parameters

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