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Let’s Get You Ranked!


Lead Generation

Optimizes your website to generate more leads for your business.

Brand Awareness

Increases awareness about your brand.

Increased Traffic

Implements effective SEO strategies, helps increase the traffic on your website.

Better Credibility

Builds trust and credibility with your audience by ranking high on search engines.

Improved Conversion & Sales

SEO enhances user experience which leads to increased conversions & sales.


Our Best SEO Services!



As a leading SEO company in Faridabad (Delhi NCR), we provide customized SEO services designed to cater to your business objectives.
We offer professional SEO services in Faridabad (Delhi NCR) that not only optimize your website for driving maximum traffic, but also help you in establishing a reputed & trustworthy brand. We focus on strategic implementations to help you achieve your business goals exponentially. We believe in delivering quality results.

What are SEO Factors?

We offer advanced SEO services in Faridabad (Delhi NCR), our team of SEO professionals covers SEO factors – Technical SEO, On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.
By doing so, we make sure to let your website stand out and rise to the top on search engine result pages.




Website Speed

Page speed is considered an important ranking signal.

Mobile Friendliness

Improves user experience and average time on the website.

Website Architecture (UI/UX)

Increases your brand’s reputation and user trust.


Helps in identifying and indexing new and updated pages on search engines.


Provides a secure connection to users on your website.


Improves user experience to better understand the website hierarchy.

URL Structure

Helps the user and search engines in identifying the web page.

Structured Data Markup

Allows search engines to understand the data on the web page.

Enabling AMP

Improves page load time on mobile devices.

Robots.txt File

Helps search engines understand which pages to index or skip.


Prevents problems caused by identical or “duplicate” content.

and many more…

Keyword Strategy

For better rankings and traffic on search engines.

Google Search Console

Helps find out the indexing and crawling status of a website.

Setup Google Analytics

Allows understanding the user behavior on a website.

Google Tag Manager

Allows the user to make updates on the website easily.

Local Listing

Improves online presence and reputation of a business.

Meta Tags Optimization

Helps search engines and user to determine the content of a website.

Content Optimization

Improves website ranking and increased user engagement.

Internal Linking

Connects web content and helps the search engine understand the website structure.

XML Sitemap

Consists list of all URLs of a website.

Fixing Broken Links

With a thorough analysis of the website.

Broken Links Redirects

Helps avoid SEO penalties and prevent bad user experience.

and many more…

Web 2.0 Blogging

Helps increase website ranking on search engines.

Press Release

Improves brand images and trust among a larger audience.

Local Directory

Improves local visibility and engagements.

Guest Blogging

Drives quality website traffic and develops website authority.


Promotes your website and brand digitally.

Q&A Marketing

Derives quality backlinks to a website.


Helps in spreading your brand awareness and increase user engagement.

Blog Commenting

Builds a relationship and improve visibility.

Document Sharing

Improves search engine ranking of the website.

Broken Link Building

Replaces broken links with a corrected one.

Video Promotions

Boosts conversion rates and encourages social shares.

and many more…




An SEO company does to your business, what a navigator does to a Ship!
Let us tell you, how:
A leading SEO firm holds the technical know-how about effective SEO practices, to get your business on the competitive edge. The benefits of hiring the best SEO firm start showing up in some time. It lets you rest assured about your website’s performance.

Let’s talk about some of the major benefits of hiring an SEO company for your website:

Effective Use of Resources

Specialized Experience & Expertise

Measurable Growth

Better Management


Clicks are made on top four searches


User don’t go past the first page of search results


Online searches are made on Google


Users are more likely to visit your website if it is on the first page of search result


Search traffic is organic


Users rely on reviews when choosing a local business



Get into Action!

Start Growing Your Business with Professional SEO Services


As a top SEO agency in Faridabad (Delhi NCR), we perform at every scale to fit-in to your custom requirements!
Global SEO
Increases your visibility in your target markets, worldwide.
National SEO
Allows your business to compete within a nation through better ranking.
Local SEO
Helps you to reach out to your local customers.
ECommerce SEO
Increases the visibility of every product and drives more sales.
Multi-Lingual & Multi-Regional SEO
Optimizes the content for better performance in various regions.
App Store Optimization
Improves the visibility of your App on App Store search, for more traffic and downloads.
Small Business SEO
Gets the small business more opportunities by increasing organic search visibility.
SEO for Large Enterprises
Increases the brand’s visibility and credibility in search engine result pages.
Start-up SEO
Helps to kick-start your business, to compete in the virtual market.

That’s How



A SEO involves some steps that constitute our complete SEO process.
We understand your business requirements and objectives & come up with SEO strategies that are result-oriented, cost-effective and futuristic.



What Makes Us

the Best SEO Company?


We Standout to Scale Up!
At Agdova Technologies, we understand that every business is unique. Our SEO services in Faridabad (Delhi NCR) are custom designed to fit into your business goals and objectives. Our SEO experts create a result-driven strategy for your business, which are targeted at increasing your ROI. We help businesses enhance their visibility on online search results. Our user-centric and result-driven approach helps us to achieve your business goals, and our focus in achieving so, makes us the best SEO Company in Faridabad (Delhi NCR).

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SEO services are all about making your website Google-friendly. It helps your website rank better in the search engine result pages organically. Better ranking will drive more traffic to your website which impacts your business exposure and revenue.

SEO services consist of SEO audit, rank monitoring, content development, link outreach and better website performance.

Generally, SEO services are intended to maximize the visibility of your website in the SERP. We, as a professional SEO company recommend changes to improve website ranking on targeted keywords. The company also monitors the website’s performance in terms of ranking and traffic, it receives.

This depends upon many factors, which vary project to project. It depends upon the state of your website from where we start working on it, your business profile and of course, your business requirements and goals.

SEO is a long-term process, which requires consistent efforts for consistent results.

Keywords play a key role in SEO! We identify some highly searched keywords that are related to your products or services. We then target them and optimize the content according to those keywords. When people make search, entering these keywords, your website appears on search engine result pages.

Paid or inorganic are the search results that appear on the top and bottom of the page. These are the links that advertisers pay for, to appear on top of search engine result pages. On the contrary, organic results are rank with the efforts of SEO. Users prefer organic results rather than paid or inorganic results.

Search engine traffic is the most important aspect of digital marketing as 93% of people refer to the search engine before buying any product or service. Also, 75% of people never scroll to page 2 and click on organic results instead of paid.

The cost of SEO services may vary depending upon many factors like customer or business profile, their requirements, business goals and lot more. It majorly depends on the number of targeted keywords, competition in the industry, statistics of your website and the amount of work needed to achieve your business goals.

SEO is a dynamic process. One cannot expect to maintain its top position all the time in search engine result pages. Though with enough efforts, it can be maintained to a reasonable position from where, you will be able to make good in your industry.

The success of SEO efforts can surely be measured. With Google Analytics, you can track organic traffic by identifying the number of users, visiting your website regularly. You can monitor backlinks created by off-page SEO efforts and ranking of your website on targeted keywords.