How to Create a Goal-Crushing E-commerce Marketing Strategy

Gone are the days when in-store shopping was the predominant way to purchase goods. Things are changed rapidly now. The rise of e-commerce has drastically changed the shopping habits of consumers across the globe.

This is a tech-savvy world, and consumers prefer to shop online. It’s no secret that e-commerce has left an ineradicable footprint on human buying capacity. After all, it allows people to shop anything at any time right from their comfort zone.

In the present scenario, e-commerce is a lucrative venture!

COVID-19 pandemic has boosted the e-commerce industry at an unprecedented rate and there is no sign of slowing down! According to a survey report, the global e-commerce market is likely to rise from $1,808.5 billion to $2,405.3 billion by the end of 2020.

Undoubtedly, 2020 has become a digital year for the entire retail industry!

The e-commerce industry is growing like never before. This is the high-time for retail businesses to leverage technology and adopt e-commerce solutions! E-commerce is the fastest and effective way to reach out to new customers in the digital market. From marketing opportunities to an attractive interface, e-commerce offers a smart way to increase sales, and boost the revenue of your business.

Beyond doubt, the e-commerce industry is rising at a rapid rate, but the competition is also getting more complex than ever before.

Do you know, more than 24 million e-commerce sites are present across the world? Popular shopping websites such as eBay, Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra are competing to get on the top.

So, how to set yourself dealing with this never-ending battle?

It’s time to rethink about your e-commerce marketing strategy – not just for the short-term, but a strategy that can propel your business to new heights. A goal-crushing strategy is required to achieve the desired results in the e-commerce industry! Creating the right and effective e-commerce marketing strategy means including tactics that attract the audience and make your brand unique.

Following are the proven e-commerce marketing tips that help you beat the competition and nudge your potential customers into the sales funnel:

Optimize Your Website for Search

Optimize Your Website for Search

Whether it’s a normal service based website or a shopping site, search engine optimization (SEO) is important to power your business in the digital world. SEO is a crucial part of online marketing. It improves the online visibility of your e-commerce site, increases sales, and makes you the leader in your niche.

Certainly, most product searches begin on popular e-commerce sites like Amazon & Flipkart but the search engine still gets one out of five product searches. Thus, it’s imperative to optimize your site for terms your targeted audience is searching for. Keep in mind that keywords matter the most. So, make sure to use high volume and relevant keywords for optimized content.

Place Your Products in the Spotlight

Place Your Products in the Spotlight

It does not matter, whether you are a small business or a big brand, ranking on top of the search engine result pages (SERPs) helps you get more sales!

Improving website ranking organically takes time. Thus, investing in the advertisement can be a smart move!

Google Shopping campaigns are a powerful and quick way to place your products in front of consumers. Google Shopping Ads or Product Listing Ads are visual ads that help you stand out in the competition.

Google shopping ads play an essential role in the e-commerce marketing strategy. These ads appear above the organic results with high-quality product image, price, and seller’s website. Running Google shopping ads expands your brand’s online visibility and boosts your product sales. Another reason to invest in Google shopping ads is that they allow you to target your audience according to region, gender, age, interest, and more. It means your ads will be displayed only to the people who are actually interested in buying your products.

Focus On Product Reviews

Focus On Product Reviews

Product reviews are extremely important for the success of an e-commerce business. In fact, it is one of the most important factors to evaluate the standard and reputation of an e-commerce store. Most of the business owners underestimate the power of product reviews and pay more attention in managing other tasks such as listing more products, optimizing website design, eliminating customer doubts, managing customer services, and other administrative tasks. Undoubtedly, all these tasks are essential but ignoring product reviews can lead all your efforts to vain.

Do you know, 84 percent of people trust online reviews more than even the recommendations by their friends.

Literally, you can’t afford to ignore reviews!

It takes a lot of effort to shine business in the digital era. Good product reviews help you to stay on the winning edge. Thus, it’s imperative to focus on the review section of your product pages. Positive reviews do not just improve your online brand reputation, but also increase your customer base.

Make Your Checkout Process Short & Easy

Make Your Checkout Process Short & Easy

Conversion rate is the only way to evaluate the success of an e-commerce site.

Getting good traffic on your e-commerce site?


But, there’s nothing to be happy about getting more traffic if it can’t generate sales!

There are a few metrics that you can use to identify the root cause behind this problem. Take a look at your shopping cart abandonment rate!

The confusing and long checkout process is one of the major causes of shopping cart abandonment. Keep in mind, that time is money for customers. Thus, it’s important to make it easy and short as much as much as you can! By creating a quick and easy checkout process, you satisfy your customers with a seamless experience.

Try to get everything on a single page. However, if you have multiple checkout pages then consider displaying a progress bar somewhere so that your customers can visualize the remaining steps to complete the checkout process. Also, make buttons that are visible properly and easy to find by your customers.

Wrapping It Up!

Doubtlessly, 2020 brings a staggering shift in the e-commerce industry which makes this industry more competitive. It’s time to rethink over your marketing strategy and techniques.

With minor improvements in your e-commerce marketing strategy, you can achieve your marketing goals. Always keep in mind, the best way to identify what works for your business is, to test! So, try out these proven marketing tactics to strengthen your e-commerce funnel and boost your sales.